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With seen satisfaction in the new development condo projects, further trends show many more reason as to what has brought this satisfaction in private condo market prices. As trends are apparent and accurate in Singapore, new condo developments are increasing and there are now more options of new condo developments such as Amber 45 along Amber road, residents were saying those prices are attractive for the Singapore private condo market. So, what else is satisfying in the new development condo project market? Will the feeling of being satisfied last? By looking at the trends of what residents think about the newly developed condo projects, many Singapore residents have mixed feelings and reactions about the current private condo market.

The New Development Amber 45 Buyer

Singapore – up to 68% of residents claimed they already expect the property price to be increased for newly developed condo projects at amber road. These trends are up from last year’s trend in 2017 which was rounded up at about 58% of residents expecting a price hike in private condo properties. Among all the different types of real estate in Singapore, private condo properties remain the most desired ones among residents in Singapore, so the high number of responses to the trends are inevitable, from Amber 45 condo buying residents. Singapore resident have no reason to hide their emotions when purchasing private properties and hide how they truly feel about the purchase of condo property. If Singapore residents are saying they are satisfied in trends for new development condo properties and are buyers of these properties, then it is certain this is believable news.

Buyer’s View on Renting in Singapore

With inevitable price increases in the private condo buying market, there is no clarity for the rental market and how renting will affect new development condo buyers. While the buyer market is more predictable than the rental segment, there is mixed emotions on the outcome of the rental market for condos. Despite these mixed views, 53% residents feel that it is certain that rents will increase for tenants who rent private condos, since the market for newly developed project is set to rise even more, while 41% residents felt it will decrease for tenants or remain around the same in current market sentiment.

Also, buyers feel it is solely based on short and/or long-term rental units which will affect the way tenants are priced for their condo rentals in the market price upturn. Buyers made up around 90% of the total Singapore population, so condo buyers concerns are more into private condo related issues. New development condo project buyers are expecting and waiting for the increases of condo unit prices for them to buy in the buyers’ market and they want to make sure to stay satisfied with the prices they are being charged for the new condo property. Buyers are fighting for their cause to remain satisfied with developer’s new developments around Singapore with lesser chances to worry about the rental market, as it really doesn’t apply to condo buyers.

Buyers Possess Strong Intention in Buying Newly Developed Condo in 45 Amber Road

If it’s not believable that buyers are satisfied with the rise in condo market prices, the intent to buy Amber 45, a newly developed residential condo are higher than they were in 2017. Over 50% of residents responding to this trend, will be buying new developed condo projects in the coming 7 months or so. The intention of buyers to purchase private condos has significantly increased and this is in favour of the property market. The return of satisfaction in the new development condo projects has convinced buyer to purchase, because they see the positives in their private property purchase investments, for now and certainly the future of newly developed private condos.

Could a better intent to buy newly developed condo in Singapore be due to the government doing a good job? Many residents of Singapore think the government is doing a great job at keeping the real estate at a sustainable market. Roughly 35% of Singapore residents feel that the government is doing the best that they can to keep the market prices for Singapore at affordable prices for Singapore as a whole. However, despite some pessimistic views, many residents believe that the Government’s stance on the maintenance of existing cooling measures in the new development condo market is great for growth of the property market now and in the future.

Can More Be Done for Amber 45?

The trends showed that, although many Singapore residents think the government has the best capability to enhance and improve upon the new Amber 45 development condo project, through the imminent regulation of pricing in the Singapore property market, this can satisfy residents even more in two ways. 1) 52% of residents feel that newly launched condo development projects around Singapore can be regulated in prices. 2) 47% percent feel that the government should give residents more subsidies on their first purchase of private housing properties.

As many residents look to the immediate future of these changes, there is still a decent level of optimism in the property market overall in Singapore. Can more be done? Yes, but with the given prices of properties in all areas now, Singapore has some of the fairest prices for newly developed condos in the region. The targeted cooling measures that were at the forefront of the issue, a majority of people who responded in the trends thought there could be a better focal point on finances.

This was in many aspects of newly developed Amber 45 condo project in Singapore. However, many residents thought that these cooling measures should be a bit more relaxed, especially for the Singapore private condo market. With maximum loan tenure and mortgage servicing ratio (MSR), an overwhelming 72% of Singapore residents thought that in these areas they could be reduced a bit more from where they stand now making real estate a lot more affordable for all residents of Singapore. Residents of Singapore also responded to the cap limit for Total Debt servicing ratio (TDSR) and 52% of the residents feel that it should also be relaxed for all residents who intend to buy private properties within Singapore. With that being said, there is still a high level of optimism for the majority of resident living in here.


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