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Door: American molded doors with the hardwood frame.
Bedroom Doors: Flush door with the hardwood frame.

Floor Finishes

Common Area : Granite / Marble / Vitrified Tiles.
Living, Dining, Bedrooms & Kitchen: Vitrified Tiles with Skirting.
Balcony / Bathrooms: Non-Slippery Ceramic tiles Sanitary Fitting.

Sanitary Fittings

Kitchen: Stainless steel sink and tap with polished granite countertop.
Bathroom: Western type water closet, Shower rose with Hot & cold mixer, wash basin.


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At no cost to you, we'll market your rental house. We'll see, take photos and digital video tours, promote and rent your premises right away.

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You have or simply purchased a condo or a home: get the most extensive amount of individual property administration.

Sell Your Apartments

Whether you are ready to market or have queries, utilize our advice and experience to secure qualified buyers and get the best deal for your house.


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Why is Singapore Airlines the Best in the World?

Sometimes flying can become a degrading experience for you as airline carriers are facing bad reviews these days. But some airlines still try to harken back to the golden day’s aviation that was used to enjoy with outstanding service, state-of-the-art lavish cabins, and even meals that would certainly excite you. Singapore Airlines has been one such airline constantly providing awesome services to the passengers.

Singapore Airlines flight

Take a look at the things you can expect on a Singapore Airlines flight:

  • Singapore Airlines is best known for the amazingly beautiful suites designed by world-famous French luxury yacht designer Jean-Jacques Coste. But you can only find these suits on A380s.
  • The private suites (with sliding doors and blinds) have comfy seats along with separate beds if one wants to stretch out.
  • Full (shared) bathrooms with amazing design.
  • You can even find Ferragamo toiletries, Givenchy pillows, blankets, and even pajamas.
  • There is also an option to combine two suits to make a large bed and double room.
  • First Class features giant beds to stretch out.
  • Delicious meals such as Lobster Thermidor will make you say just waw!
  • Business Class is also nice. Fully-flat, large beds with linen and pillows, make every passenger crazy.
  • If you are lucky enough, someone will tuck you in at night. Yes, a homely comfort for sure!
  • The 18-inch HD TVs have thousands of movies, TV series, music and even games. Noise-cancelling headphones would give you the best experience. Some flights even offer internet and text messaging services.
  • Economy class is also decent, and the 19.5 inch-wide seats have comfortable calf and footrests.
  • Is your electronic device running out of charge? At the very back of the plane, there are two USB ports and a power supply happy to serve you.
  • Yes, the TVs may be a bit smaller (13.3-inch HD touchscreen monitor) but will give the passengers the same amount of entertainment like in First Class.
  • You won’t find lobsters, but the Asian-inspired delicious dishes in Economy class are more than enough to satisfy you.

At the Top For 22 Years:

For the last 22 years, this aviation company has literally stolen the show winning ‘the best international airline in world’ awards. The airline was ranked top as per the categories like cabin comfort, food, service, customer service and last but not the least value. Singapore arguably has the best airport in the world too. This carrier is the only company to sit tight at the No. 1 spot in every ‘World’s Best’ category from the very beginning of this particular competition. And it’s quite easy to see why it’s the best.

When speaking about service, Singapore Airlines is no doubt unmatched, curtsey this airline’s efficient flight attendants best known as Singapore Girls & Guys. They’re relaxed even under extreme pressure.

There is more to it. Yes, so much to expect in the future. The recent updates Singapore Airline has installed will offer the business class passengers both a cradling and a lounging option. It’s also one of the first to fly the world’s biggest passenger carriers, which have onboard showers and even a lounge.

Five Best Real Estate Apps

Hunting for a property can be very hectic. Searching for the “On Sale” signboard in your neighborhood and looking out for realtors and other people who know about the real estate markets is one of the most stressful things to do.  As the competition in the real estate market increases every day, the housing information is reaching the consumers in a much faster way. With the advent of technology, we can get information from the ends of the earth with just a click of a button. There are so many real estate apps which make the purchase of property more efficient and convenient. The buyers can get the information on the listings, location, price, photos, videos and other details of the property all from their phones.

Real Estate Apps

The following are some of the apps which will make your property hunt much easier and efficient:

  • Zillow.
  • Redfin.
  • Trulia.
  • Dwellr. is user-friendly and provides you with the latest information about the property you are looking. The app lets you switch between the desktop and your smartphone very easily. is available in more than 80 markets in the United States of America. There is a constant update in the property listings, and the buyers are provided with a variety of filters to narrow down their search.


Zillow claims to be one of the leading property marketplaces on the internet, and it is one of the most downloaded apps on both Android and iOS phones. The app also allows the users to search for homes which are out for rent. They have separate apps for rentals, apartments and property buying. The app provides you the estimates for the houses all across the United States, and you can also search with specific criteria.


With Redfin, you can search for the nearby homes, condos, schools, open houses, and townhouses. You can also see photos, top-down maps, details of the property. The users are also allowed to share the information on the app to other people via text messages, emails, etc. Redfin is available in almost 83 U.S markets, and they provide the latest information on the real estate markets. The users can also compare different properties in the app.


Trulia is another popular real estate apps that make your property hunt much easier and efficient. You can search for millions of listings, homes, and apartments that are on sale. They provide you many apps like Trulia rentals, agent app, Mortgage, etc.  The Trulia Mortgage app makes your mortgage calculations easier. You can also access Trulia on a desktop which makes it easy for everyone.


Dwellr is run by the U.S Censor Bureau, and the app gives you information about the city or the neighborhood you are looking.  Details like the population of that area and demographics are also given. If you want to know about a location on a wider range, then Dwellr is the app you need to download.

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.